Out Patient Department (OPD)

Out patient examination departments is state of art and planned for an efficient patient flow and movement. The patient need not move to different sections. Centre is equipped with :-

1.Ophthalmic Chair Units:

Ophthalmic Chair Units fitted with slit lamp,auto refractometer, applanation tonometer, trial set, indirect ophthalmoscope, focused light and remote vision test drums. This enables a smooth flow of patients and completes work-up of a case.

2. TMS-5 Topographic Analyzer ( Tomy Japan

TMS-5 Topographic Analyzer ( Tomy Japan ) for
a) Automated computerized topography and pachymetery for complete evaluation of anterior and posterior curvatures of cornea for early detection of Keratoconus.
b) Comuterized Pachymetery.
c) Scheimflug images without dark room. d) Very short image capture time of 0.5 sec.

3. Compact Touch Quintel France

Compact Touch Quintel France-Three in One Complete A B scan with Pachymeter for Premium IOL power Calculations.

4. Yag Laser

Yag Laser - for posterior capsular opacifications and Peripheral Iridotomies in glaucoma.

5. Gonio Lens

Gonio Lens for Gonioscopy in Glaucoma.

6. Green Laser

Green Laser - GYC 1000- NIdek Japan for Retinal Photocoagulations.

7. Synoptophore Treatment

Synoptophore Treatment for Lazy and Squinting Eyes

The OPD accept cases for refraction, spectacle prescription, minor ailments, major eye disorders, follow up and special services like Lasik Laser, Implantable Contact Lens(ICL), Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE), C3R for Keratoconus.

Yag Laser

Gonio Lens

Green Laser- GYC 1000

Compact Touch Quintel France

Operation Theatre (OT) Surgical Facilities :-

Bathinda Lasik Laser has the most modern and sophisticated OPERATION THEATRE in the region. 

Equipped with :-

Wavelight FS200 Femtosecond Laser Alcon USA and Allegretto Wave Eye Q Eximer Laser -Fastest Laser Refractive Platform - First of its Kind in North India after AIIMS New Delhi - for removal of glasses and contact lenses.

SBK OUP Linear Microkeratome Moria France for 90 micron thinner and planer flaps.

Carl Zeis operating micriscope.

Oertli Micro Phaco System for  Microphacoemusification ( MICS ) for Premium IOLs -  Monofocal, Toric and Multifocals.

UV system for C3R treatment for Keratoconus.( Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with imported Riboflavin dye)

Microsurgical instruements for Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL ) where lasik Surgery cannot be done in High myopes,Thin Corneas and Keratoconic eyes after treatment with C3R

Centre has internet access, chemist shop and optical shop.

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