Quality Policy of Hospital

We pledge to meet the patients’ requirements by offering expert ophthalmic care with compassion through a committed professional team.

We commit to achieve quality services through the Quality Management System while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Quality Objectives

Patient safety and well-being shall always be our top priority. We shall strive for continuous quality improvement and comply with international standards to implement quality systems.

  • To maintain the quality of ophthalmic services in accordance with international standards.
  • Optimum utilization of infrastructural facilities including manpower.
  • To ensure continued patient satisfaction through delivery of high class medicare with a personal touch.
  • To ensure high levels of staff satisfaction and motivation and facilitate continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills through constant learning and training initiatives.

Quality - The by word of our service.

All patients receive the same care at our Hospitals. Trained and dedicated professionals with ready access to state-of-the art ophthalmic infrastructure render high quality eye care without bias to both the paying and the poor and needy patients.

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