TMS 5 - Topographic Modeling System ( Tomy Japan )

The Topographic Modeling System TMS-5 is a hybrid anterior segment analyzing system consisting of a Placido ring topographer “TMS” and a 3D Scheimpflug camera. The TMS-5 is indicated for cross sectional imaging of anterior segment components of the human eye such as the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea and the anterior chamber, and also for dimension measurements of these such as curvature, length and area by computed analysis.

The prominent features of the TMS-5 are the high speed Scheimpflug camera that takes only 1.0 sec. /exam, which can be very beneficial in preventing motion artifacts, and a high speed computer processing algorithm that reduces the time it takes to delineate the images

Topographical Modeling System, an advanced computer that analyzes the surface and the curvature of the cornea in over 7,000 spots. This device allows (a) the earliest detection of keratoconus, (b) the exact fitting of contact lenses in difficult corneal problems, and (c) the most accurate measurements to follow corneal astigmatism postoperatively.

Anterior and posterior analysis of cornea

  • Scheimpflug images without a dark room
  • With a very short image capture time of 0.5 seconds
  • Comprehensive analysis applications
  • Support of the conventional TMS exam data

Rapid measuements with Scheimpflug:
In the Scheimpflug mode, the TMS 5 can automatically capture multiple slices by focusing the alignment light on the center of the cornea as it does with Ring Topography. The time it takes to measure in this mode is approximately 0.5 to 1.0 seconds. This is very similar to the measurement time of the Ring Topography.

Rapid measurements with Ring - Topography:
In Ring - Topo mode, the TMS 5 acquires a measurement by aligning the reflection of the laser light on the center of the first mire ring automatically. The unit avoids the offset of the alignment in addition to the patient blinking problems with a very short image capture time of 0.5 seconds.

Supports conventional TMS Exam Data:
Link and Import utilities allows you to access any patient data from any TMS database in order it and compare it with the latest patien image and data from the TMS 5.

Advanced IOL Calculation:
The TMS 5 plus OKULIX is perfect combination for calculating the optical properties of the human eye utilizing numerical ray tracing. It allows a fast and easy selection of interocular lenses compared to the eyes axial length.

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